Evergreen Counseling is a therapeutic organization established for Nevada residents to help individuals with an array of problems or issues that have created stress in their life to the extent that they want to seek help.


Sexual Problems (Adults & Juveniles)

Sexual problems may include past sexual victimization and/or sexual acting out or perpetration by the adult or adolescent/child seeking services. Sexual problems may also include unhealthy boundaries such as pornography use, strip clubs, adult book stores, or other deviant sexual behaviors associated with sexual addiction.

Evergreen Counseling specializes in working with adolescents and adults that have been sexually victimized. Our agency also focuses on working with clients that have acted out and perpetrated sexual abuse upon another person. Evergreen Counseling offers individual and group therapy for individuals that are involved in Civil and/or Criminal Court actions.

If you suspect an individual has been sexually abused, please contact the sexual abuse hotline, or Child Protective Services (CPS).

Pornography Addiction

Our agency has an extensive background working with individuals that may be considered to have an addiction to pornography or have been found looking at deviant pornography images, such as Child or Teen pornography. The therapists at Evergreen Counseling have worked with the top professionals in the field of sexual and pornographic addiction, such as Dr. Patrick Carnes.

Often pornography addiction/sexual addiction starts as a way for the person to escape emotional problems in their lives, such as a prior history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse during early childhood or problems into their adult lives. It would seem simple enough just to say to someone “just stop,” but this is not a reality.

There is a neuro-chemical chain reaction in the brain which drives the person to “crave or binge” more and more pornography. Neuropathways are created in the brain bringing about a structural change in the brain that some individuals cannot overcome by themselves, and they need professional help. Obviously, the longer the individual has been viewing pornography the more difficult it is for them to stop. The younger a person starts viewing pornography, such as a young teenager, they find it extremely difficult to stop this behavior. The majority of juveniles that have been arrested for a sexual offense, first started with viewing some type of pornography, usually on the Internet. To get a better understanding of the addiction to pornography, and how to stop this behavior please call our agency to make an appointment.


Sexual Addiction

Due to the recent surge of Internet use, many individuals are experiencing an addiction to pornography and other avenues of sexual behaviors. Researchers are concluding that an addiction to sex is as real as any other addiction, like substance abuse. Addiction to Internet pornography has disrupted the lives of individuals and families across the country from every economic status. The majority of individuals addicted to sex, in one form or another, have experienced past trauma or high stress and use inappropriate sexual behaviors as a solution to their anxiety and stress. Sexual addiction is a very complex issue and in many cases the help of a qualified therapist is needed to resolve this issue. The problems with sexual addiction are very real in that they destroy relationships, families, job opportunities, and create financial difficulties.

As an individual becomes addicted to pornography they often start to seek out underage naked images on the Internet, which can lead to incarceration for up to 5-8 years in Federal Prison, and be registered as a Sex Offender for life. If you recognize that someone in your family is unable to control their Internet use of seeking out pornography, please get them help before it could lead to an arrest.

Victims of Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse often incur long-term psychological problems. Some individuals have taken the approach that it is better not to talk about sexual abuse and tell an individual to forget about the mental anguish. Research indicates this is absolutely the wrong approach. It appears essential an individual that has experienced sexual abuse should get into treatment with a qualified therapist as soon as possible. Some of the long-term problems associated with sexual abuse may include depression, drug and alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, lack of trust in others, self-mutilation, social isolation, inappropriate sexual behavior, and suicidal attempts. With the proper treatment in place the majority of individuals can alleviate negative deficits and move forward in their life in a positive manner.

If you suspect an individual has been sexually abused, please contact the Sexual Abuse Hotline or Child Protective Services. The initial response of an individual that is accused of sexual abuse is to deny the allegations. Often the help of a therapist can break through this denial and help individuals involved heal through the process.


Oppositional Defiant/Conduct Disorders (for juveniles)

Juveniles with oppositional defiance and/or other delinquent types of behaviors tend to cause more problems for themselves, as well as others, without realizing the impact. Impulsivity seems to be at the core of some of these issues and disorders. With the proper therapeutic guidance, many juveniles suffering from these disorders can learn and/or adjust their behaviors in such a manner so they can begin to move forward a more productive and positive way with their daily living. Also, if the juvenile can turn things around for themselves hopefully they will not end up any further into the correctional system and lessen the impact on others such as family and friends.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety issues can cause significant impairment in daily life as well as overall functioning. If left untreated, those individuals suffering from anxiety can have every area of their life affected. Often, those suffering with anxiety find it difficult to share their struggles or concerns with other individuals. Seeking help from a qualified therapist will help alleviate these symptoms. Many individuals find they can function more effectively with their daily living as they learn how to lessen their anxiety.


Relationship Problems

Relationship problems may stem from a variety of issues such as lack of communication, differences in expectations, and unequal power within the relationship. Relationship issues might include difficulties in sustaining or maintaining compatibility and excitement within the relationship. Problematic relationships may also simply be caused by a lack of assertiveness on the part of one partner and may often be resolved by simply talking with an outside person to give an objective perspective on a particular problem or situation.

Trauma and stress can cause great impairment for those suffering. Trauma can also have lifelong affects and cause great difficulty in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. Being open and willing to address these issues in a therapeutic setting can also be life-changing. Guidance from a professional trained in this area can often help the client significantly lessen and his/her symptomology.


General Life Problems

Often in our lives there are too many problems at one time, and it is hard to distinguish the correct choices. Life Problems can be so overwhelming it is difficult to think clearly, and we often turn to friends or family members, which may not be the best decision depending upon the circumstances. Life is 360 degrees and at times we can only see or envision what is directly in front of us. This is where a qualified therapist is useful. Our therapists will help you recognize solutions that you may not have been aware, and help with letting you pick out the best possible choices.