Victims of sexual abuse often incur long-term psychological problems. Some individuals have taken the approach that it is better not to talk about sexual abuse and tell an individual to forget about the mental anguish. Research indicates this is absolutely the wrong approach. It appears essential an individual that has experienced sexual abuse should get into treatment with a qualified therapist as soon as possible. Some of the long-term problems associated with sexual abuse may include depression, drug and alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, lack of trust in others, self-mutilation, social isolation, inappropriate sexual behavior, and suicidal attempts. With the proper treatment in place the majority of individuals can alleviate negative deficits and move forward in their life in a positive manner.

If you suspect an individual has been sexually abused, please contact the Sexual Abuse Hotline or Child Protective Services. The initial response of an individual that is accused of sexual abuse is to deny the allegations. Often the help of a therapist can break through this denial and help individuals involved heal through the process.