Due to the recent surge of Internet use, many individuals are experiencing an addiction to pornography and other avenues of sexual behaviors. Researchers are concluding that an addiction to sex is as real as any other addiction, like substance abuse. Addiction to Internet pornography has disrupted the lives of individuals and families across the country from every economic status. The majority of individuals addicted to sex, in one form or another, have experienced past trauma or high stress and use inappropriate sexual behaviors as a solution to their anxiety and stress. Sexual addiction is a very complex issue and in many cases the help of a qualified therapist is needed to resolve this issue. The problems with sexual addiction are very real in that they destroy relationships, families, job opportunities, and create financial difficulties.

As an individual becomes addicted to pornography they often start to seek out underage naked images on the Internet, which can lead to incarceration for up to 5-8 years in Federal Prison, and be registered as a Sex Offender for life. If you recognize that someone in your family is unable to control their Internet use of seeking out pornography, please get them help before it could lead to an arrest.