Our agency has an extensive background working with individuals that may be considered to have an addiction to pornography or have been found looking at deviant pornography images, such as Child or Teen pornography. The therapists at Evergreen Counseling have worked with the top professionals in the field of sexual and pornographic addiction, such as Dr. Patrick Carnes.

Often pornography addiction/sexual addiction starts as a way for the person to escape emotional problems in their lives, such as a prior history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse during early childhood or problems into their adult lives. It would seem simple enough just to say to someone “just stop,” but this is not a reality.

There is a neuro-chemical chain reaction in the brain which drives the person to “crave or binge” more and more pornography. Neuropathways are created in the brain bringing about a structural change in the brain that some individuals cannot overcome by themselves, and they need professional help. Obviously, the longer the individual has been viewing pornography the more difficult it is for them to stop. The younger a person starts viewing pornography, such as a young teenager, they find it extremely difficult to stop this behavior. The majority of juveniles that have been arrested for a sexual offense, first started with viewing some type of pornography, usually on the Internet. To get a better understanding of the addiction to pornography, and how to stop this behavior please call our agency to make an appointment.