Adult Non-Offending Parenting Certificate Program




Welcome to the Non-Offending Parenting Program. This program is designed for individuals that may have someone in the family where sexual abuse allegations exist, or a person you know has been arrested/convicted of a sexual offense, to help educate the responsible parties (non-offending parents) for the safety of the children in the family and children in the community.

Most likely if you are taking this program the Division of Family Services, Division of Children and Family Services, Child Protective Services, or Parole and Probation suggested you complete this program to keep you, your children, and children in the community safe. Also to be aware of the indicators (i.e. Red Flags) that may be present with an individual suspected of inappropriate sexual behavior. In the majority of sexual abuse allegations it is extremely difficult to believe a person you know and trust could be capable of sexually offending anyone. Most likely you have little to no education about sexual offenders, how the legal system works, terms or conditions (i.e. restrictions) of Probation or Parole, or conditions placed on you and the family from other agencies, such as Child Protective services.

Most individuals who have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior enter into some form of denial (“I didn’t do that”), deny the intent (“I accidentally touched or fondled the victim) or minimize the extent of the sexual abuse allegations. The individual may come up with numerous reasons why the sexual abuse allegations are not true, or not admit the full extent of the sexual offense behaviors. If you have been placed in the situation where someone you know has been accused of sexual abuse this is extremely confusing and difficult to wrap your mind around, to say the least. This program will educate and help you get a better understanding of your situation.

This program was developed by several therapists that have tens of thousands of hours working directly with sexual abusers (adults & juveniles), individuals with sexual abuse allegations, victims of sexual abuse, and helping the non-offending parents and family members recover from this traumatic experience.

You are not allowed to have anyone help you during this program, especially a person accused/convicted of sexual allegations. This person may attempt to explain away why none of this applies to them, or some explanation of how this is all wrong or silly. After each section and at the end of the program you will need to pass test for each part of the program and a final examination at the end of the program. Don’t worry, the test is not that difficult, so please do not get anxious. The point of the program is education, not to see how intelligent you are. You will be questioned by someone later to determine you were the person that completed this program. If they determine you have not learned the material you may have to take this program again, with no further charge to you. These questions will be asked of you by the governing agency when you turn in your Certificate of Completion, which will be sent to you in an email after passing the final test.  If you did the work the questions will be easy to answer.

This program is designed in 10 different sections, and at the end of each section there will be a test. Each participant is required to pass each test with a score of 100% to move to the next section. At the end of the program there will be a final examination, where you are expected again to receive a score of 100% for successful completion. If for some reason you are unable to pass a particular section of the program you will have a chance to rewind the program and go over the material again until that section is completed successfully.

Upon successful completion of the program a Certificate of Completion will be emailed directly to the email address you listed in the beginning of the program. Your Certificate of completion should arrive within five business days. If you are experiencing any problems with the functionality of the website or you have concerns with the content of the program, have not received your certificate of completion on time, you can e-mail us at [email protected], and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please have pen and paper ready before beginning the program, and take notes throughout the program. Chances are if you do not take notes, you will not be able to pass the final examination. This program over the Internet was designed for a person with a minimum of a high school diploma, and should not be used by a person with learning disabilities or an inability to understand the English language well. If these issues exist, please contact the person requesting that you take this program to arrange a different way to learn this material.

Disclaimer: This program is not a substitute for individual counseling, assistance from an attorney or the legal system, and does not guarantee the safety of children.

Here are the following sections:

A) Introduction
1) Myths of sexual offenders.
2) Why would anyone sexually offend a child or teenager?
3) What indicators might I see if my child or teenager is being sexually abused?
4) What Psychological damage can sexual abuse have on a child or teenager?
5) What are the key components of sex offender treatment and supervision?
6) What is a cycle of sexual abuse?
7) What is the reunification process?
8) What is a Chaperone Agreement, and how does it work?
9) Understanding Pornography and Sexual abuse.
10) Alert List of potential sexual abuse indicators.
11) Final examination.